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Personal Information:


I would like to introduce myself as Edward Matthes, a long time resident of the Cuchara area (since 1988).  My professional history in the area dates back to times when Cuchara Mountain Resort was open.  I held the position for several years as Director of Lift Maintenance and Operations Manager.  Upon the resort's closing, I started a home repair company under the name 3D Maintenance Services.  A great  opportunity came to me 16 years ago and led to my purchase of Cuchara Cabin and Condo Rentals. 

I couldn't see myself anywhere else.  I work very hard and conduct business in a manner that helps benefit Cuchara as a whole.  Relationships  are what drive the business.  We've become one big family.  I have a vision of Cuchara and a desire to see this area remain successful, yet still a peaceful getaway for all.  Sure doesn't hurt being surrounded by such great people!

I strongly believe everyone should experience Cuchara at least once in their life. Cuchara offers so much in the way of beautiful scenery, a relaxing atmosphere and friendly people to make your vacation pleasant.  I make every reasonable attempt possible to assist our guests and provide a personal service, which seems to be hard to find among other vacation areas or big box booking sites.  We work together as a community and build friendships rather than customer/business relationships.

Company Information:

Cuchara Cabin & Condo Rentals has been operating for more than 25 years!- 1995-2005 under the name of "Cuchara Vacation Rentals."  This is the longest standing Vacation Rental Company in the area!  We pride ourselves in having the highest quality vacation homes at the most competitive prices.  We currently have the largest selection of Cuchara River Properties!  All of our cabins and condos in the rental program
offer a sense of mountain elegance, comfort and affordability.  There is something to suit every taste and budget.  We encourage you to shop
around and see for yourself!

Luxury Rentals are nearly half the price of anywhere else.  We don't believe in a fancy name to charge a fancy price.  We also don't believe in an online booking system.  We like talking to our customers, answering questions and finding the perfect vacation rental.  When you fill out a request form with us, we will contact you and provide every possible option to ensure your stay is memorable.  We work closely with many of our competitors to provide quality alternatives if we don't have what you need.

Larger companies simply lack attention to details and personal attention you will receive with us.  We purposely limit our inventory to allow fast, personal service. Customer service, cleanliness and a personal approach is our main priority.   We have a unique ability to make each customer feel like one of the family.  Your happiness is what keeps us in business!

Call us today or fill out an online reservation request to see what you've been missing!
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