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Here at Cuchara Cabins & Condos, we're always striving to
provide the best guest experience possible.  Please take a
moment to sign our guest book by filling out the form below.  
This will help other families select the right property for
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January 7th, 2012

Name = the Roye family
Place_of_Stay = River Hideaway
Date_of_stay = about 3 or 4 times in 2010

Guest_Comments = We really enjoy going to Cuchara Colorado, it is a great get-away! We have stayed at several
cabins that we have booked with Ed Matthes at Cuchara Cabins and Condos! All of the cabins are in great locations
from close to the village or hideaway! We have always had a great experience staying in one of these cabins, and
dealing the friendly staff! We are looking forward to several more visits in 2012!

April 28th, 2012

Name = Larry and JoAnn Smith
Place_of_Stay = Morgan Cabin
Date_of_stay = July 22, 2009

Guest_Comments = My husband and I came up from the Texas Panhandle with another couple who had never been
to Southern Colorado; in fact, one of them had never been in Colorado at all. We had a great time and convinced
them that Southern Colorado was MUCH better than going to Southern New Mexico (Ruidoso)!! Our ";home" while in
Cuchara was at The Morgan Cabin. It was way more than what we had expected in the way of accommodations, in
that everything in the cabin looked new and there was more than enough room for the four of us. Having the two
levels, it allowed us enough room that we could do our own activities; i.e., take a nap, watch TV, or just enjoy the
mountain views, yet still kept us together under one roof. The location provided for early morning and evening walks
but we were still a quick drive to Dakota Dukes for needed items. Will definitely consider this cabin for our future visits.

April 29th, 2012

Name = The Smith Family
Place_of_Stay = Smith Cabin
Date_of_stay = October 8, 2011

Guest_Comments = We attended Cuchara's First Annual Bear Fair in October 2011 and stayed at The Smith Cabin.
This cabin made us feel at home when we walked in the door. We had been in other cabins where we had not been
allowed to move the furniture around to suit us, but with this cabin, everything was arranged just like home. We woke
to snow each morning, but it had melted off by noon. The Bear Fair was great fun and the cabin only added to the
weekends enjoyment. Of all the cabins we've stayed in during trips to Cuchara, The Smith Cabin is probably our